NTU Campus Extension

Material Galvanised: Structural Steel – Hollows
Approx. Weight of Steel Galvanised: 450 tons

In 2008, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) embarked on a planned 15-year expansion of its Yunnan Garden Campus. AGV took on the task to provide galvanising services for 450 tonnes of hollow steel used in the construction, ensuring a structurally sound building worthy of this young university.


Tanjong Pagar Centre

Material Galvanised: Structural Steel – I-Beams and Hollows
Approx. Weight of Steel Galvanised: 2,000 tons

The 64-storey Tanjong Pagar Centre is Singapore’s tallest skyscraper; comprising the Guoco Tower offices, retail and F&B, an urban park, a 181-unit luxury residence and the Sofitel Singapore City Centre hotel. AGV was responsible for galvanising 2,000 tonnes of steel I-beams and hollows in the building’s framing, providing maximum protection and support.