Hot-dip galvanized steel has a highly stable, corrosion-resistant zinc patina for maximum cathodic protection from abrasion and mechanical damage.


The zinc patina covering hot-dip galvanized steel has a natural reflectivity of over 70% in the visible range.

Refractory Material

Hot-dip galvanized steel can withstand temperatures of up to 200ÂșC over long-term exposure.

Environmentally Sustainable

Our fully recyclable hot-dip galvanized steel has a lifespan of between 20 and 50 years, depending on environmental conditions.


Even the brightest organic coating grows dull over time, but our low-maintenance hot-dip galvanized steel stays spotless and smooth.

Economical and Reliable

Hot-dip galvanizing is the cheapest option for long-term metal protection, with minimal labour costs and no on-site touch-ups required.